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Join Kirby and his Dream Team as they team up to take down evil! -Slashy Tired of people asking about sprites, so I'm just gonna put it up here: Sprites are linked to character profiles in the Characters section. -Mels

2016, Nov 27


workin on more than one right now!!!!

the comic itself might never come back but ill try and keep the spirit alive by animating the characters >:3c


littlekirby61524, 2016, Dec 04

Oh, neat idea. Would you like any sprites from me? Or are you good for now?

quirby is 2lazy to login (Guest), 2016, Dec 04

makes me want to have a go at animating it. :p

SuperScratchkat, 2016, Dec 06

@littlekirby61524 nah ive already got all the sheets and if i need a pose that isnt on a sheet i can just edit it in

littlekirby61524, 2016, Dec 06

@SuperScratchkat: Okay, just wanted to make sure since I don't think many people have the sprites of LK-Kirby.

SuperScratchkat, 2016, Dec 06

@littlekirby61524 oh oops im dumb i forgot lk doesnt have any sprites on the sprite page, it would actually be helpful to get those thanks '^-^

littlekirby61524, 2016, Dec 06

@SuperScratchkat: here they are.
This probably isn't needed, but I felt I should link it anyway. (since LK was never officially recruited) haring

Scatman63 (Guest), 2016, Dec 07

I shall wait then.

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