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Crashing the Party

2014, Jul 31

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Author's Comments:

Reply littlekirby61524, 2014, Jul 31

Well there's Lucas for you, he's crashed but he's still cheery, and I'm debating whether I should have someone follow him now, or show up later.

here are his Cutter sprites just in case if you need them (easy to read bio)

EDIT: I fixed the comic itself now~
(and I don't care about the g being cut off)

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User's Comments:

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Aug 01

@littlekirby61524: OK uhh I think I'm just gonna say...
Those last two panels, Lucas is kiiinda recolored oddly. Some of him is still pink it and uh...the zoom, always use a zoom multiple of 100%, so like, 200 or 300. Because the zoom is kinda...uh...weird here too.
H-hope you didn't mind me saying but uh yeah..

Reply littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 01

@Hanna B: alright, I can fix that, and no it isn't pink, it's blue

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Aug 01

@littlekirby61524: No there's still pink where orange should be on the sprites in the last two panels.
it's the second shade of orange that's missing that you have on panels 3 and 4 for some reason not the last two.

Reply littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 01

@Hanna B: I fixed the sheet, I just need to redo the comic itself now

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Aug 03

@littlekirby61524: Alright I noticed you changed the comic.
Sprites are slightly better, there are some blue pixels along the edges of the body, might wanna fix that. There's a dark shade that applies for the darkest shade on the body AND the feet, and what people usually do is recolor that shade as the darkest body color, and just leave the feet as it is. It's certainly better looking than having bits of feet color on your body.
Also, why are there no panel borders? Those are a must for comics, and with this particular background, you kinda need them.
The zooming looks slightly better, but it got slightly worse. I can tell you used a multiple of 100 zoom but, now it's really BLURRY and it hinders the quality even more. I must ask what program you are using and how you're zooming in.

Reply littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 03

@Hanna B: I'm using MS Paint

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Aug 03

@littlekirby61524: Okay...
MS paint should NOT make it blurry. Like really, I zoom in on MS paint it NEVER blurs anything.
...unless of course, you're referring to the Ms paint that I don't have.
This is my paint.

Reply Flare_The_Kirby231, 2014, Aug 03

@Hanna B: How did you get XP Paint on Windows 7, I've been trying to for SO LONG, it was so easy to use it unlike Paint 7.

Reply littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 03

@Hanna B: the MS Paint I have is different than yours...

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Aug 03

@Flare_The_Kirby231: Actually I have windows 8. And I don't remember. I just had it on a really old computer and got my dad to download it for me. It only lets me save in .bmp, however. v.v

@littlekirby61524: ...figures
I don't know how to help with the zooming issue unless I can find a different Paint on my computer. Just, try some things out and try making it not blurry.

Reply Ryjora, 2014, Aug 04

@Hanna B: That was my old ms paint. I like paint 7 so much more now.

Reply littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 04

@Hanna B: my "weird zoom" wasn't blurry was it?

Reply Flare_The_Kirby231, 2014, Aug 04

@Ryjora: There is actually 1 Horrible disadvantage, when you rotate something, half of it gets cut off.

Basically it's very glitchy.

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Aug 05

@littlekirby61524: The first version wasn't blurry, but it was oddly zoomed so it looked weird. If you could somehow do that zoom again but with a multiple of 100 it might look better.

Reply littlekirby61524, 2014, Aug 05

@Hanna B: okay, I'll see if I can do that

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