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Join Kirby and his Dream Team as they team up to take down evil! -Slashy Tired of people asking about sprites, so I'm just gonna put it up here: Sprites are linked to character profiles in the Characters section. -Mels

Valerie Appears!

2014, Jul 28

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Author's Comments:

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Jul 28

Proper shading? What's that- *shot* WELL
Alright. Anyways, this is Valerie. Her hat changes colors based on her mood, and there's a list on her sprite sheet when you click on her bio.
See if you can guess her mood without looking at the sheet (some colors have multiple emotions)
SO I apologize if Neochu is out of character but uh I dunno
Sorry if the coloring is stupid near the end this is what happens when you rush
i swear i'll practice my stupid shading techniques this is stupid uh
not sure if what Agape said is accurate but i'm assuming
and finally I dunno if Kirby knows Neochu's name because he can't speak?? but i'm assuming Kirby knows everyone since he hired them and all and uh
well this is Valerie's intro
I would put a longer bio here but I'm too tired to think

Come back tomorrow I might have a long bio for you

Edit: I think a banner update is overdue? It should totally be animated with 10 characters on each frame won't that be amazing
Also i think I win the longest intro award right right right right- *shothdiulvhdilh*

Reply Advertisement, 2019, Sep 23

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Jul 29

I got 6 hours of sleep let's write this freaking bio
Bio on cast page:
Valerie does not trust others easily. However, she seems to be able to sense others' intentions. She usually questions things a lot. She is very protective of her hat, and won't let anyone near it. In new situations, she can get a little uncomfortable, but she learns quickly. She has a huge fear of electricity. Sometimes she gets uncontrollable mood swings. (shoot I misspelled something in the actual bio I"M NOT FIXING THAT)
Extended bio:
When confronted with electricity of any kind (lightning, static, etc, exception being electricity powered things like lightbulbs that don't show their electric sparks) she will be very afraid and ignore her senses of intentions, and will not learn quickly that the electricity user is not evil (assuming they aren't). This means that since Neochu is electricity based (assuming because pikachu), Valerie will be afraid of him and any others are use electricity stuff. She also afraid of lightning storms. It all brings back bad memories...
So yeah she can have uncontrollable mood swings if something gets her going, and sometimes they're just random. You'll know when these happen when her hat changes rapidly to show the mood she's in. And being protective of her hat, she will get angry if someone tries to remove it, or touch it. She can't really do anything to you if you do manage to steal it, as she is rather weak, but, she can yell pretttttty load. Also she doesn't want anyone to know what's under her hat in fear of being made fun of again. Just like she was made fun of for not having natural blush. (NOTE: SHE DOESN'T HAVE BLUSH GUYS) Hey eyes being purple instead of blue-ish are a result of the thing under her hat. (What is this thing anyway? You'll find out later JUST NO ONE TAKE OFF HER HAT UNLESS I SAY IT'S THE RIGHT TIME OK OK)
Alright more personality stuff...In new situations she is uncomfortable. This is a new situation and therefore uncomfortable. She is usually a little more social but only if she trusts them first, in which she does not trust others easily. It's going to take a loooooooooooong time for her to be able to trust Neochu, if she even does at alll. She is skeptical of Kirby for randomly hiring her into something she has no idea of. And she'll definitely be skeptical of everyone inside. (HEY SO WHATS THE INSIDE LOOK LIKE IS THERE A SPRITE)
She is very fast, though not faster than one faster than her (being one with a higher speed stat, Valerie's is 5. So, Alex is faster, KK and Agape are the same speed, and Skye is faster since she uses wing i'm assuming but yeah maybe idunno)
She is physically frail, and any strong attack will probably damage her greatly, if not faint her. Almost any attack with even moderate power will harm her a lot. Along with her weak offense, she isn't very good in battle. It's mostly flee. If you notice her full magic stat however... so she doesn't know she has these powers. If they are used, she'll usually faint after and not remember using it, since this takes up a lot of energy, and since she doesn't know it exists, she isn't practicing.
Her color changing hat was a 'gift' from another kirby character of mine named Ivory. I'm not gonna describe her to you because that would be spoilers and have no point because I dunno if I'll be introducing more than one character yet.
Rightright more personality, she questions thing a lot. Sometimes she will not understand the easily understood, and sometimes she will even take sarcasm and jokes seriously. She hasn't had much experience with the outside world, always living in fear. This KDT thing is extremely new to her. Expect nervousness for a little while.
She is only nice to those who are nice back. Valerie can easily hold a grudge against someone for a long time. If you make her upset or mad, you don't really have much chance in becoming her friend unless you do something AMAZING to change her mind. But it varies. She will not usually believe things told to her that are too far fetched, and only will believe them if she has specific evidence, in fear of being tricked.
She is afraid of anything that looks intimidating, even the other members of KDT. She hasn't seen them yet but she will and she will be afraid. Mostly the ones with weapons or an intimidating look. She'll try to avoid those people. Especially Neochu. She'll stay as far away from him as possible. (what why are you shipping them stopithsilgudhlurih)
Once you get to know her, her emotions will spill out when taking with her. You'll easily be able to tell what she's feeling, assuming you know her hat colors. Right now no one can really tell other than making assumptions that are probably wrong. Her mood changing hat is also one of her flaws. She cannot hide her emotions, and if she's bored her hat will always turn white, and it will show. If she's nervous, her hat will always turn brown. And so on. ( i might need to add some more moods in the sprite sheet I'm running out of colors help) However, her hat can also slightly benefit others. If it's black, then she's in a serious mood and you know not to mess around. When it's dark purple, she usually either wants to be alone, or someone to just rant to, as she's very sad in that color. When her hat is red, she is very obviously angry and not afraid to show it. Her mood swings can drive people away sometimes, and it's hard for her to make friends. That along with lack of trust. Maybe things will change here?

Ok that's it that took like half an hour
OKAY please ask me if you have a question about her or one of her mood hat colors, but please look at the sprite sheet before asking your answer is mostly likely there but if it isn't fine ask away
I'll add more to the bio if it needs to be added too. (long comments whee)

User's Comments:

Reply SuperScratchkat, 2014, Jul 28


Reply plasma_knight303, 2014, Jul 28

H-Holy CRAP you got Neochu down GOOD :D

Reply Sike, 2014, Jul 29

Aaaw neochu looks and acts so cute and innocent here I just wanna cuddle him forever~ <3

Reply DaBrokor, 2014, Jul 29

Sike, I ditto you.
Times twelve.

Reply Sapar, 2014, Jul 29

It took me about halfway through the comic to realize this was Ham.

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Jul 29

@Sapar: Is that a good thing or a bad thing
Also what gave it away? Was it the handwriting

Reply Flare_The_Kirby231, 2014, Jul 29

Now that I think about it, I MAY join again... but before I do, I might as well make sprites for the character I would use.

Reply Sapar, 2014, Jul 29

@Hanna B: Neither, it was Valerie looking butthurt.

Reply Hanna B, 2014, Jul 29

@Sapar: what are sad expressions like a thing for me now or something

Reply plasma_knight303, 2014, Jul 29

@Hanna B: As much a thing as Neochu and Valerie.

Reply Scatman63 (Guest), 2014, Sep 11

Mood hat? I'm liking this character already.

Reply plasma_knight303, 2018, Mar 25

I had forgotten how cute these two were when together.

Reply Hanna B, 2018, Mar 25

@plasma_knight303: is a shame we never went too far w/ this comic to see them more lol

also holy hell this art is so bad now kill me

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